Beyond Survival exists to provide a conduit and opportunity for people to live BEYOND just basic “survival” circumstances medically, emotionally, educationally, financially, and spiritually.


Starting with one’s most basic needs and providing medical attention, raising the quality of life.


Creating environments of care and concern, protection and hope.


Providing the opportunity to experience school for the very first time and obtain an education.


Giving training in business, budgeting, and the opportunity to learn life skills so that individuals can create income and provide for their families.


Providing understanding and guidance to help reveal one’s purpose in life and the opportunity to experience the Creator of the universe in a real and tangible way.  Helping plant churches who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities.

All I could think of was this one phrase, “It would have been better for me not to have seen, then to have seen and do nothing.”  I was on the plane ride back across the Atlantic from my first visit and experience with Africa, specifically Swaziland.  My mind was trying to reconcile what I had seen in comparison with my reality in America. My life and my family’s life had been forever changed.  Our church has been forever changed. From that first visit in August of 2006 until now, our hearts are burdened with the hope and mission to help others live Beyond Survival in Swaziland, Africa and all over our world. This is our hope.  Are  you be willing to join with us?

Never before has there been such a great need for the lives of children and families in Swaziland, Africa. HIV and AIDS are ravaging an entire generation leaving families devastated and children alone. Approximately 46% of Swaziland’s total population is infected with HIV (population is 1.2 million that is 552,000 people). Because of HIV/AIDS there are over 150,000 orphans and vulnerable children living in Swaziland. Most people are dying at home. Children are attempting to take care of their parents.

An entire generation is disappearing in the next 5-7 years. The result is a generation of orphans. But God is moving in a remnant of His people and we have an opportunity to partner with them… Beyond Survival Global Initiatives was birthed for this reason.

You can be a part!