My life has been drastically changed since my first trip to Swaziland, Africa, back in August of 2006.  Since then, I have been to Africa eleven times, adopted two children from Swaziland, launched a non profit and am now launching this resource for leaders.

Most of us who are leaders aren’t feeling like our lives are multiplying much of anything.  If there is one empathetic concern I have, it is that I see more and more leaders who are merely just surviving.  I know you can relate to that type of reality. 🙂  You know what being in survival mode looks like: exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, sleep deprived, depleted and full of anxiety.  You are so tired you don’t have the energy to even change.  It feels impossible and unrealistic.  This state of mind and lifestyle is a vicious cycle that often leaves a leader with the belief that his best days are behind him.

I know, I’ve been there.

I’ve seen how the surviving state of mind affects leaders all over the world.  From Swaziland, Africa to Colorado Springs, Colorado, it’s effects are the same all across our planet.  It’s deeply human. We are designed to survive in moments.  We are not designed to live in a survival state 24/7.

The purpose of this coaching site is best explained by the parable Jesus taught of the Sower in Mark 4.

In the Parable of the Sower, the sower was throwing seeds to plant.  As he was planting,  there was some seed that fell on a hard path, where it just laid there in the sun.  The Scripture states that the birds of the air came and ate freely.  Still, there was some seed that fell on rocky soil, where it sprung up quickly, but died because there was no solid root or nutrients.  Some seed fell on thorny soil, where it grew up, but was choked out by weeds and couldn’t last very long.

However, there was some seed that fell on the fertile soil, where it was able to grow and thrive.  The seed that was planted in the fertile soil could produce thirty, sixty, and hundred times what was planted.   That’s the type of soil I want to spend the rest of my life planting in.  It’s the soil that represents a leader’s heart to me.  I see the heart and soul of a leader as being that fertile soil which has so much passion, giftedness, vision, and purpose. What you plant in that heart can be multiplied over and over.

I have a passion to help leaders multiply their lives into others.

My dream is to help leaders live out their callings and thrive.  I believe that your best days are before you…not behind you.  We all need a little coaching, encouragement, wisdom, and help from time to time.  We can’t accomplish our goals in isolation or always on our own.  We need each other.  Let’s do it together.  Remember, you are not alone.

As a continued ministry in Swaziland we are partnering with Pastors, Executive Leaders, and Business Owners for coaching here in the states. The heart behind our coaching is to create the opportunity to coach leaders in Swaziland at no cost to them.