Our hearts and lives are transformed by experiencing and seeing life instead of just reading about it.  We would love for you to consider going to Swaziland with us. Here are some thoughts on how you can begin this journey:

  1. Begin with Your Heart.
    Educate yourself on the realities of Swaziland.  Allow the facts in Swaziland to not only soften your heart, but move you to action.
  2. Go with Others.
    The challenges are way too big for one person, let alone one organization.  Be a part of this new community to change lives in Swaziland. Collaboration with other organizations is key for life transformation.
  3. Invest in Lives.
    We say “invest” rather than “give” because investing denotes an expectation of return on the investment.  We want to create environments where life change can truly take place.
  4. Spread the Word.
    If you are willing to be a part of helping others, share with those you are in relationship with about your investment.  It will take many compassionate people willing to invest in order to make a difference.
  5. Go On a Trip.
    Our next trip to Swaziland will be June 9-20, 2018.  If you are interested in joining us this year please email


Our next trip to Swaziland is June 8 - 20, 2018!