What you should know about our values…


Beyond Survival is heart broken over the realities of other’s life situations and is willing to try to do something about it.


Beyond Survival believes we can’t address the global needs by ourself and we will partner with other organizations and individuals to make a difference in the lives of people.


Beyond Survival is disturbed with the lack of education and understanding among people in regards to health and HIV/AIDS and will work to create change in the culture.


Beyond Survival is greatly troubled by the lack of nourishment and overall health among children and their opportunities to grow and contribute to their world.


Beyond Survival believes that if you “fish” for a man you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to “fish” you feed him for a lifetime. We want to teach others how to survive for a lifetime and have them pass it on and teach others.


Beyond Survival believes that every individual is entitled to being treated with dignity and respect living with the belief that they are valuable.


Beyond Survival believes there are everyday ordinary people aspiring to leave a legacy with their life and help change the life circumstances of people all around the world.